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Here at Evergreen Animal Hospital, we believe that pet grooming is an integral part of your pet’s healthcare process. Grooming is more than just pampering, or adding a fancy bow or bandana. It is a chance to observe the overall condition of your pet’s hair, skin, eyes and nails, as well as remove any harmful dirt, germs, ticks or lice that may be present. Our pet grooming services in Newhall can involve everything from haircuts, bathing and brushing, to nail trimming and ear cleaning/care.

Regular bathing can help your pet’s skin and coat remain in good condition. It removes dirt and fecal matter that has accumulated, and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odors. Out Newhall pet grooming specialists use only shampoos that are specifically created for dogs and cats. A professional brushing can remove loose hair, reduce shedding, improve circulation and make your pet look healthier.

Bath & Brush

Nails trimmed, outer ears cleaned, shampoo, conditioner, 15 minute brush out, cologne, bandanna or bow

Full Service Groom

Hair cut, bath & brush, nails trimmed, outer ears cleaned, sanitation trim,

15 minute brush out, shampoo, conditioner, basic anal gland expression, cologne, bandanna or bow

Add-on to any bath or groom

The Works (Upgraded Shampoo, Cond, Tooth brushing & Basic Anal Glands) $15.00   

Tooth Brushing $ 12.00                   

Shed less Treatment $ 18.00-28.00

Flea & Tick Dip $ 20.00-25.00              

Special Shampoo $ 6.00-8.00      

Face & Feet trim $ 8-12                        

Sanitary Cut $ 12.00                

Nail Grind $ 5.00+ Nail Trim price         

Deodorized $ 20.00-25.00

Anal Glands Expression $ 8.00

De-Skunk Treatment $ 20.00-25.00